"Masculinity is a trait, not a gender"

In an effort to both allocate space for and document the existence of masculine women, photographer Meg Allen created a powerful series of portraits for an exhibit at Cafe Gabriela in Oakland, Calif.

Entitled BUTCH, Allen’s series not only represents genderqueer women for a broader, heteronormative audience, but reaffirms butch identity within the queer community at a time when “butch flight,” or gender transitioning, is arguably becoming more and more commonplace. It is, as Allen says on her website, “an homage to the bull-daggers and female husbands before me, and to the young studs, gender queers and bois who continue to bloom into the present.”

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These are some good looking folks

Ok scorpion tattoo in the Black Sabbath shirt you win my heart is yours

Nothing. No one. No place. No idea. No memory. No feelings. No emotions. Nothing. All the colors of the rainbow and all I see is red.

Idk why I love this…

Idk why I love this…

I can’t help but smile like a doofus when I’m with this one.

Sexy mothafucka!



You know something I found interesting?
Is how when people meet dogs, they’ll say something like
“He’s so cute!”
And the owner will shyly respond with “she’s a girl, actually”
And the person will apologize and IMMEDIATELY start using the right pronouns.
So my question is,
If its so easy to do with DOGS why is it so fucking difficult to do with trans people?


I’m not going to be the girl you marry, but I’ll be the girl you’ll be thinking of 20 years from now while you engage in polite sex with your boring wife who fakes her orgasm to make you feel better about your receding hairline.
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Being refered to as “my girl” makes me melt.


I’m still in the midst of coming out as FTM. I’ve come out to everyone except for my work. However, I came out maybe 2 weeks ago or so. The other day I slipped and called myself she and by my birth name. I’m normally pretty good with calling myself a guy but sometimes it just slips. My girlfriend…

There’s no such thing as being or not being trans enough it’s not a set line of rules. Don’t let people make u doubt yourself. Go with what makes you comfortable names and pronouns have nothing to do with being trans.